Slow Hand – A Late Night Guitar Jam

30 07 2014

Here`s a download link for a recording that has been lost on a hard drive for over 10 years. I recorded this instrumental guitar jam in a cold, snowy winter night in 2001. When I stumbled over it recently, I liked the Pink Floyd’ish mood so much, that I decided to do a mixdown, so that someone else besides me could hear it.

This rediscovered piece of music is titled “Slow Hand” and you are invited to download it for free.
Happy downloading!


‘I KEEP THE FAITH’ is Released

8 03 2014

I KEEP THE FAITH is out. Get your copy @


24 02 2014

The online booklet for I KEEP THE FAITH is up.
Read the lyrics, the cover an Pre-listen.


21 02 2014


The front cover of the forthcoming single.

I Keep the Faith

18 02 2014

Andrew’s forthcoming single “I Keep the Faith” will be released on March 7th.

Direct link:

Feelings – AlternativeDanceRockRemix

10 01 2014

I uploaded a new video on YouTube!!

Johann Sebastian Bach Was A Blues Man

13 04 2013

Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite A -Major
(Suite III for Violoncello BWV 1009)
for Guitar


Johann Sebastian Bach wrote phrases which could easily be interpreted as blues licks.
Play the lick from above with an shuffled feel and wonder.

Or try to play it as triplets.


Have fun!


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