The #1 hit song in January 8 1966

8 01 2015

The #1 hit song in January 8 1966
We Can Work It Out

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Bullfrogs Pond

4 01 2015

Bullfrogs Pond
An avid music lover who has been following charted music since he was old enough to read the charts.
He or she created a database about all charted songs on the Hot 100 back until the 1960’s.
Highly informative for music lovers.

Using Terminal for reading ISRC on a Mac

1 01 2015

Today I needed to check out the ISRC on a Final Master CD before sending it to the master plant.
Here is the trick:
Insert the CD. Launch the “terminal” in applications.
To read ISRC codes, type: drutil subchannel
Here we go!

For CD text, in terminal just type: drutil cdtext

Vinyl record dubplate cutting

1 12 2014

I am thinking about ordering a technic nerd like this guy for me at home. Any ideas where I can order?
#technic #vinyl #music

Digidesign Pro Tools V1.0

28 11 2014

From todays view it`s like looking back to stoneage.
It`s made much easier for todays songwriters and producers.

Check the video (in German)

Young Talent in Blues Brandon Neiderauer

25 11 2014

Check him out! He`s great.


Christmas is near. Christmas is silent.

10 11 2014

Go and buy music! Don’t wait for Santa Claus.

Or to say it with Taylor Swift’s words:

” Music is art, and art is important and rare.
Important, rare things are valuable.
Valuable things should be paid for.”

If you are a music lover – please share!

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