Recording Studios, David Foster Wallace, Bruce Dickinson

15 09 2008

Recording Studios

Within the past two weeks i was working at five different recording studios. And i am shocked how much equipment and money it takes to produce #hit-music.

Writer David Foster Wallace Found Dead

David Foster Wallace, the novelist, essayist and humorist best known for his 1996 novel “Infinite Jest,” was found dead Friday night at his home in Claremont, according to the Claremont Police Department. He was 46.

That´s very sad.

Your Captain Today is a Rock Legend
Iron Maiden Frontman, Bruce Dickinson Now Works as a Commercial Pilot

Bruce Dickinson flew back British tourists from Egypt to UK after travel agency “XL Leisure” went broke.

Being asked why he also works as commercial pilot besides doing the rock-star-thing he answered :

People say ‘Why do you need a second job?’ I say ‘Why do you need to breathe?’”

“Like my dad always used to say, always have a backstop, you never know when it’s all going to go belly up.”

After leaving Iron Maiden in 1993 he experienced a career breakdown and he started as a pilot.

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