Kristina Hanses Updates

17 12 2008

Monday 12/15/ 2008


Kristina is currently forming a band in Amsterdam to bring the long awaited album alive.

We are keen to hear how its going to sound.

Stay tuned for more news.


Saturday, 08/16/2008

Kristina Hanses

Swedish modern dancer and singer-songwriter Kristina Hanses from Amsterdam/Netherlands signed in with PinkOrange Records in August 2008.

Currently, the final mix-downs and masterings for the upcoming album are in progress.

The yet untitled album contains 12 songs and is projected to be released in 2009.


In summer 2007 Andrew Cane and Kristina had lots of fun recording 2 songs and they decided to cut an album, which was done during 2008, when Kristina was free from her dance classes. It turned out to be a very special piece of music.

Stay tuned for further informations.



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