Ibiza at Night 

17 05 2017

Andrew Cane Music

14 12 2016

By the way – my music is on Google Play, too. 


Andrew Cane – All Social Links

16 11 2016

Click on the picture and get all my social links easy.

From here on just click on the icons. Voila!




Girlish for Boyz – Playlist on Spotify

11 11 2016
Have a good time with this great playlist, including world class songs for a cozy evening with your honey.

Beautiful ladies and her voices like Nelly Fortado, Pink, Madonna, Skunk Anansie, Carla Bruni, Rihanna, Fleetwood Mac, Shery Crrow, Kristina Hanses, La Roux, Bif Naked, Josepha Grünberg, Lady Gaga and Alanis Morissette are featured.


Discogs Updated

10 11 2016


I’m about to research for all of my releases.

See the covers and links to iTunes here https://andrewcane.wordpress.com/discog/

Credits for songwriting etc. you will find here discogs.com

There’s more to come.


Andrew Cane

Josepha Grünberg

20 07 2016

Release July 29. 2016

Terror in Nice

15 07 2016

Condolences to the people of Nice, France. Nothing can cover the shame of killing innocent people. #nicefrance

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