Andrew Cane & Band – Opening for AC/DC

25 03 2015

Get the vibe!
These recordings were just discovered and shows the fun, that we, the band “Cane”, had on stage opening for AC/DC at Muengersdorfer Stadium in Cologne/Germany.
It’s the very last documentation of the original line up of the band “Cane”.
The onstage camera operator was a 17 year old teenager who was excited like hell, being on the stage of his heroes AC/DC for the first time of his life. …
So sh**t happens – the movie recordings are a little shaky and the sound is a distorted camera mic. It’s only Rock and Roll!
Nevertheless – because, we know you’re a Rock and Rollers – please let us know if you like it.
You’re welcome to share it with your followers.

    Songs in the video:

1 Dancing Queen
2 Heal Me
3 Innocent Days
4 Run But Creep
5 Toy
6 Fight For Your Right To Party
7 Rock’n Roll

    Songwriters and/or original performers

1 – 4 words and music by Andrew Cane & Claudia Cane
5      words and music by Andrew Cane
6      by Beastie Boys
7      by Led Zeppelin


3 09 2010

Since there were no stems the mix is kept close to the original. Extra beats, new guitar and vocal arrangements, new build up in the break down, new ending and some other little things are added. Find out and enjoy by listening.

Amy Winehouse – Valerie (Remix by Andrew Cane)

2 09 2010

Artist: Amy Winehouse
Song: Valerie
Remix by Andrew Cane

General description:

Strings and beats are added, following the original tempo, up and down.
The song is kept in the original arrangement. No parts scraped out or added.
Detailed description will be experienced by listening.

Linkin Park – The Catalyst (Remix by Andrew Cane)

1 09 2010

My remix of Linkin Parks’s single, “THE CATALYST” from the forthcoming album “A THOUSAND SUNS” .
Mein Remix der aktuellen Singleauskopplung, “THE CATALYST” von Linkin Park aus dem Album “A THOUSAND SUNS” .

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