Andrew Cane is a songwriter, producer, arranger and guitarist.

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Canadian-born Andrew Cane studied jazz-harmonics, worked as a session player on electric guitar and started to play “Bach” on classical guitar to enhance his skills, lately.
His first paid job as musician was with a British punk band in the mid eighties, which led him to many other gigs with punk-rock bands in the following years.
Andrew’s formidable guitar skills paid homage to garage rock, blues and punk and as a jazz trained musician Andrew wasn’t satisfied by performing with punk bands only and he expanded to play with hard rock bands where he also started to develop his writer skills, eventually.
Soon Andrew was known for writing catchy riffs and songs which became 50 percent of his daily working routine.
He wrote and released numerous songs for punk, reggae, ska and hard rock. In 1999 his song “Free” was performed live with his band “Cane” for the Eurovision Song Contest broadcasted for over 10 millions of viewers.
In 2001 his band “Cane” supported AC/DC on their “Stiff Upper Lip” tour and follow up tours in 2003, 2009, performing original songs written by Andrew Cane.
Andrew Cane continued to juggle his responsibilities as he performed with several bands, produced albums for other artists and founded a record label in 2005.

In 2012 Andrew started his first solo project and released six singles, on which he performed all instruments and vocals.

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