The Music Industry Crisis

25 01 2023

The industry of songwriters and artists is facing one of its biggest crises to date, yet it seems that the music industry is still in a state of euphoria. This discrepancy between reality and perception is confusing and worrying, and there are some major issues that are particularly troubling.

First and foremost, many songwriters and artists feel neglected and think of giving up their passion for it. They feel overwhelmed by the effort to gain likes and subscribers on social media, to portray themselves as content creators on social media rather than true artists. This focus on social media has caused a shift in the industry that puts songwriters and artists in direct competition with everyday amateur users and shifts the focus away from the art of being an artist.

One of the most notable examples of this shift is the rise of short video platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Trill and and now YouTube. These platforms allow non-professionals to create and share their own content, but this access comes at a not inconsiderable cost to the songwriter. As the costs of producing films and images are added, it becomes increasingly difficult for individuals to afford the equipment and workload required to independently produce content for online media. This not only puts a strain on the finances of individual composers and artists, but also takes valuable time away from their art of songwriting.

It is essential to remember that quality should always come before quantity. The constant pressure to produce content for the sake of internet fame is not only detrimental to the art, but also to the music creators themselves. While we obviously cannot return to a state of pre-social media, it is important to note that the big players in the industry have taken control and made huge profits for their shareholders without providing sufficient compensation for creators. 

To make matters worse, these big players are laying off staff at the moment to maintain income for their investors and are not willing to share the burdens of the ups and downs of the economy with their employees. This further highlights their lack of concern for the individuals who also make up the music industry and it is a disheartening reality for those who are working hard to continue in the industry.

It is time for the industry to take a step back and rethink its priorities. Instead of looking solely to profits and internet fame from talented self-promoters among musicians who are often more of the short-lived influencer type, they should focus on the art and the songwriters and artists who make it all possible. Supporting emerging talent and investing in their success is crucial for the industry to last. It’s not just about making a profit, it’s about preserving the art and the artists who create it. The industry needs to recognise this and take responsibility for its actions and work to create a fair and sustainable environment for all involved.

A Tool for Audio Workers.

27 01 2022

I have been using this tool for years. If anyone is interested

This tool permits embedding, editing, and exporting of metadata in Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF) files. This tool can also enforce metadata guidelines developed by the Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group, as well as recommendations and specifications from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Microsoft, and IBM.

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New Side Project

16 01 2022

BOOZYCANE is a new new side project by Andrew Cane.

The first release It “Happened Tomorrow” is available on Bandcamp.

Video Tribut Breaking Bad

31 12 2021

See my video on #YouTube

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I hate the term ‘bedroom producer‘

29 12 2021

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It Happened Tomorrow

16 12 2021

There is a debut release coming tomorrow December 17 2021 on Bandcamp.

‘It Happened Tomorrow’ is an instrumental by BOOZYCANE

Press Release by PinkOrange Records

BOOZYCANE is a brand new side project from Andrew Cane.

The first track is an instrumental called ‘It Happened Tomorrow’ and will be released on Bandcamp on December 17, 2021, where it can be downloaded as a HiRes file and will be available in standard bitrates on all streaming services worldwide in January 28 2022.

‘It Happened Tomorrow’ is a jazzy instrumental that floats from A to B without repetitive sections. A gentle electric guitar journey through changing keys, supported by Tom’Bo’ Ott on drums and subtly underpinned by atmospheric string sounds. A great addition to playlists with a chill factor.

Some may wonder why the release is in the Jazz genre, Boozycane comments:

“For a musician like me, who has played in the rock and punk scene most of his life, it’s kind of weird to release a song labelled jazz. But for ‘It Happened Tomorrow,’ there was no other choice close enough to what it is. It’s a 4/4 time signature and I used so-called jazz harmony, that’s it. The piece doesn’t follow the usual rules, like verse, chorus and so on, and it’s not exactly what I would call jazz and what most people probably wouldn’t associate it with. I would put it under the main genre of guitar music. It’s a little guitar journey.”

“To cut to the chase, some time ago I started thinking about releasing music, whatever style or genre. Since I’m originally a guitarist, I wanted to go back to my roots and focus solely on composing the music instead of also writing lyrics and singing.
I wanted to take a simple, casual approach
to this piece of music and let it go in any direction it wants.

The idea for ‘It Happened Tomorrow’ came to Boozycane when he was on vacation in Ibiza and was written on a cheap acoustic guitar lent to him by his landlord. At first he was going to release it as a guitar-only unplugged version, but then he ran into an old friend and band member who was a drummer in a previous band of his. TomBo was happy to take over the drums for the instrumental, which was not as easy as it would have been under normal circumstances. The guitar was recorded by Boozycane in his studio, with the click only serving as a vague guideline, not as strict as most productions these days where everything is quantized to death. So TomBo really had to adapt.

As Boozycane said, “In this project I don’t want to limit myself to one genre. I have too many different ideas parked unused on my hard drives to limit myself to stereotypical thinking. Life is too short to waste it with restrictions on genres. And I have no superstar hero ambitions with this project.”


19 01 2021

Also check on Spotify

All I Wanted Is to Hace Sex with You - Front Cover

‘All I Wanted Is to Have Sex with You’ Spotify

20 12 2020

Andrew Cane has released his brand new single ‘All I Wanted Is to Have Sex with You’

20 12 2020
All I Wanted Is to Hace Sex with You - Front Cover

The new launch is a testament to his ever-evolving genuine sound. The new recording arrives after the release of the single ‘Lies’ on September 30, 2020.

Most listeners probably associate Andrew Cane with guitars and rock drums. Not so with “All I Wanted Is to Have Sex with You”, here he breaks his previous line in music.
In fact, not a single guitar appears in this tune and so do not rock drums.
The song is not performed vocally, but to emphasize the atmosphere, whispered.
A whisper with the fictional love on the other end of the digital connection.
The LoFi piano sound, the atmospheric vinyl crackle and analog noise , convey the mood of a lonely night in front of the computer.
As a genre, Andrew describes the track as whisper rap or whisper pop.

It describes the fictional situation of a pair of lovers who are spatially separated by the Corona Pandemic and can only communicate via the computer.
The song title clearly states what is missing for many of those who live alone and have no opportunities to meet the opposite sex.

Andrew explains, “At times like this, many people are realizing that physical closeness cannot be replaced by digital applications like Zoom over a long period. I don’t want to mention warm hearted feelings. You can easily become alienated in the long run.
Until now, probably only sailors, soldiers or prisoners knew this feelings, to this extent.
‘All I Wanted Is to Have Sex with You’ is the shortest song I‘ve ever recorded as I see it like a snapshot with a Polaroid camera.
In light of this pandemic, I hope it stays a snapshot of history.”


FEELINGS – Original Mix

26 10 2020

The original mix of `FEELINGS` is out today on Bandcamp

Hurry up and get your HQ download right now!

FEELINGS- Original Mix

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