Metallica – Death Magnetic pressconference, Loudness War

17 09 2008


Metallica’s Rick Rubin-produced album Death Magnetic was released on Friday to a fairly decent critical response. Hobnox caught up with Metallica at a press conference given by the band, as its members prepared for a record release party and concert in Berlin:

for full lenght video :

In the 23-minute question-and-answer session, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett spoke about the ideas behind the album and their revamped internet strategies. Hetfield showed healthy sense of humor during the conference and even Kirk Hammett tried to be funny.

Loudness War

According to mastering engineer Ian Sheperd, Metallica’s new Death Magnetic album has a serious sonic problem: it has been compressed just about as much as it’s possible to compress audio.

For a better understanding this YouTube video shows what happens to a sound file when its hyper-compressed.

2,730 fans have signed a petition asking that the album be re-mixed (as opposed to remixed) and/or remastered.

To me that “loudness war” has reached its top last year already. Hopefully, others will follow.



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